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About Us

We are a team of professional bloggers/writers. We write the quality contents about  preschool learning, kindergarten and early childhood education. We write and publish our researches  on the basis of  professional research and expertise. We are a professional group from various parts of the world.

Our Mission

Quality oriented early childhood education is a critical and most important challenge in the modern world. Our mission is to provide the best ideas and strategies which help to achieve high academic performance in childhood education. Share the skills development programs and strategies  for the parents. We also write the ideas and research which may increase the education and social stander of a child.

About Founder

I am a professional researcher and writer about early childhood education. My name is Zaheer Shah. I am working with the Higher Education Department of AJK Government.  I have been working with preschool and primary school children from many years.

Our Objectives

  • Improving the academic achievements of the children
  • Developing the progressive and positive behavior
  • Educating the Parents that how they participate in their child education
  •  Helping children to improve their skills
  •  Providing the School management programs
  • Improving the teaching skills and performance
  •  Introducing the best class management strategies
  • Perceiving importance of school-parents partnership
  • Providing the best solutions for children’s academic and behavioral problems
  • Showing the bright ways for paving a successful life

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