How To Choose Best Games for Kids

Games for kids
Games for Kids
Games bring brings enjoyment while playing educational games.  Kids love enjoyable activities in their childhood.  Through learning games, kids learn many skills without realizing it.  It is very important to select the appropriate games for your kids that fit his age and help to improve the level of intelligence and promote his fine motor skills.

0 – 12 Months Old

 The games help to stimulate the senses of the kids in this period such as hearing, touching, and sight. For example, parents can buy the sound plastic toy and washable filled toys, and so on.  Moreover, Sensory play helps to stimulate kids’ sense. Parents should buy toys that improve hearing senses. Try to choose interesting toys that have light and sound.

1 – 2 Years

In this period, Kids’ nature wants to discover everything. The child’s nature loves to discover everything. For example, the storybooks with large pictures, puzzle, colorful toys, telephone, and every game that incentive the spirit of discovery and learning. Here the children start to learn the language.  Choose toys that have different shapes and sounds. These Books and toys play and key role in recognizing the names and improve literacy skills. Counting toys help to improve counting skills in children.

2 - 5 Years Old

Parents should choose short story books, house tools, triple cycles, writing boards, safe crayons, cars, and garden toys such as sandboxes. You want to promote physical play in this age period. This age also important for language development and child should start drawing or writing their names. Let the child use his imagination to write or create interesting art. Give your child more freedom to play and parents only help the children to learn the process of using the toys.

  5 – 9 Years

 In this period, games help to improve the intelligence and creativity of the child. For example, the electric train, football. Puzzle bicycle, tools of professionals such as engineers, doctors, and nursing tools. This is a great age for creativity and cognitive skills development.  Promote the games and toys that encourage play in groups, it helps to improve creativity and social skills.

10 – 14 Years

In this age, scientific games are essential for kids.  Games that promote and provoke the hidden talent of the child are most important for the children.   For example, sports, computer games, microscope and magnifier, collecting habits such as stamps, and collecting coins.
In conclusion: early age is very important for promoting and developing learning skills in children.  Games are the most effective way to improve learning skills such as fine motor,  creativity, problem- solving, reading, and writing skills.

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