6 Best Qualities of Effective Teacher

Effective Teacher
An effective teacher tries to create a learning environment where students feel safe and enable the children to take chances to grow to learn. He motivates the students to reach personal learning goals. In an effective teacher’s classroom, students are self-motivated to pay attention to improve classwork. He continually helps the children to grow in their knowledge and understanding.  So the following are the best qualities of an effective teacher.

1. Know Your Stuff

Effective teachers have a deep understanding of their subject material and objectives. He knows how to teach the content to students. It takes time to develop knowledge about the content area. He should select the important teaching objects while creating lesson plane and achieve the teaching objects.  Use effective teaching methods and students will get it.   

2. Build Strong Relationships

An effective teacher must reach the students.  Good teachers build personal relationships with their students and take time to get to know them. They get to know students' interests, abilities, and strengths. This information can get through surveys, activities, and conversations.  Give opportunities to explore kids' interests and strengths.

3. Organize the Content & Plan

Effective teachers are organized, and make a plane to teach thoughtfully. Take time to identify and prioritize the learning goals and objects for the next unit of study. Look at the academic calendar and timeline during making teaching strategies. Gather materials set the objects and organize the content than make a lesson plan thoughtfully. Try to create a detailed plane but stay flexible in executing your plane. Focus on objectives that students understand the concepts.

4. Analyze and Collect

The best teacher collects data through observations and assessments, then analyzes the data to drive instructions. Data collection is an important part of the teaching process. Keep in mind that your students are human beings with ideas, questions, emotions, and dreams. Data collection and analyzing the data help the teacher to understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This also helps to make effective teaching strategies to improve student performance.

5. Reflect & Grow

The effective teacher always reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of his lesson plans and teaching methods, then consider changes according to the need of students to increase the student learning performance.  
Take the time to thinks about your lesson plane daily. Try to create new teaching strategies until find out the method that works effectively. Every student has a different ability and interest. Continue to grow your thinking and use modern teaching tools to boost teaching performance.

 6. Improve Self Education

Self educate is the primary quality of growing as an effective teacher.  Good teachers develop a personal learning plan, self-educate on best teaching practices, read and apply current theory and research.
He tries to read the latest books and articles, attend workshops and conferences. He also uses the online learning tool to improve his knowledge and learn new teaching techniques and methods that help to grow his thinking and teaching ability.
In conclusion: an effective teacher always tries to improve his performance. He tries to build strong relationships with students and knows his student's strengths and weaknesses. A teacher knows subject matters and learning goals and objects to improve classroom performance.

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