5 Tips To keeping Child Active

Active Child
Active Child
Children are more inactive today than ever, because of playing video games and watching television for a long time instead of cycling and playing football with their peers. Schools and parents have stopped the fitness emphasis. Exercise is important to strengthen bones and muscles. It also helps the children to sleep well at night and stay active during the day.
Children start to gain weight in recent days and the rate of childhood obesity has increased quickly, resulting in an increase in the number of children with type 2 diabetes. Exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy weight because an active child is more likely to become healthy adults. Parents and teachers have the power to give the children a permanent satisfaction in exercise activities that strengthen their bodies and make them lazy to active children. The Following are an effective way to raise an active child.

1. Set a Good ExampleIf 

If you want to raise an active child, should be active yourself first.  Set a good example for your child. Take time to exercise daily and make a routine. Find fun activities that involve the whole family to do exercise together.  Develop the exercise routine with your child and the following are the most common daily exercises:
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Tracks nature
  • Hide & Seek
  • Playing Tag
  • Dance
  • Canoeing
  • Walks with the family dog
  • Jumping rope

If parents develop an exercise routine, they are sending a very strong message for children to do exercise. Children always try to follow their parents. Moreover exercising together gives good family time also.

2. Limit the Screen Time

There are various reasons why children inactive or less active today. The major reason is watching television for a long time. Playing video games and compactor games for a long time also is a big reason for a sedentary lifestyle.  So parents should limit screen time.
Watching television is related to childhood obesity. Children who watch more than five hours of television a day are eight times more likely to be obese than children who watched less than two hours of television per day. Create interesting activities for children that limited the screen time daily.  

3 Create Activities that promote exercise

Sports and interesting activities are an excellent way to keep the child active effectively. It is important to understand that every child has their own and different interests. Activities should be according to the child’s strength.  Focus to find out the things/activities your child enjoys. For example, the child is artistically inclined, a hike to collect leaves and rocks that a child can use to make a collage. If your child likes to climb, head for the jungle gym nearest neighbors or climbing wall. If the child likes to read, then walk or bike around the neighborhood library for a book.

4 Look at Safety and Interest of Child

Look at your child's safety while during physical activity.  Provide the opportunities to your child for developing exercise routine at an early age. Ask the child what type of exercise and physical activity is fit for your health. Explore the interest of your child before selecting a physical activity. For example, ask your child to show you how bunnies hop, eagles, and dogs to wag his tail.

5. Plane Family Vocation

Plan the family vacations around physical activities Such as biking, hiking, diving, skiing, swimming, and camping. Enjoy over a ball or disk Frisbee hidden in some activity in the rest stops.

In occlusion: the above are the top 5 tips to raise an active child. Active children perform well in academic and social activities. Create activities and opportunities for children to boost their mental and educational performance. These activities also help to raise healthy children.

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