10 Best Ways to Improve Writing skills in Children

Writing Skills
Writing Skills 
Writing Skills is a prominent skill of knowledge in academic institutes. It has been the best way of awareness-based communication and information sharing concerns for the centuries. The writing activities for kids becomes an essential way of knowledge in instructing the kids for pre-writing skills. They are well versed in knowledge sharing activities through writing skills at homes and in schools. Kids can be built up into writing experts by their exposure to a writing provoking environment. This writing provoking environment in turn requires some support for the children in school and at home. It is essential for efficient writing skills. No spec of knowledge gets a firm base in kids’ minds unless it is furnished with writing tactics. Writing is fantastic for kids if it has interesting exercises and activities for the kids. So, the following are the 10 best ways to improve writing skills in children.

1. Attracting through Writing Material

 Writing becomes fun for the kids when it is assisted with attractive writing scripts and equipment.  Fun writing acclivities help the children declining in the art of writing. The attraction is key to teaching the writing skills at ease. Writing material facilitates the kids in making up their writing work easy and attractive. Here are some things that may draw the attention of little children on the task of writing:
  • Wall charts
  • Word cards
  • Color pencils
  • Color papers
  • Word art books
These are examples that can bring the attraction of the kids towards writing. Parents and teachers can use these and other similar things for their kids.

2. Disturbance Free Environment

Writing requires focus and focus comes with the provision and scope of a better environment. Writing seeks attention in silence. Any disturbance during the writing process destroys the charms of writing among the kids. In schools and at home, a child-friendly and writing promoting environment should be maintained. Following are the key components of an environment favoring the art of writing:
  • Colorful decoration
  • Pretty looking walls
  • Easy chairs
  • Silence at work
  • Thought provoking tunes
  • Writing accessories
Teachers and parents can manage a good writing environment as per prevailing conditions.  

3. Mastering Vocabulary

In writing, kids use words to express their knowledge. These words can be mastered with efficient tactics of vocabulary learning. Vocabulary enhancing techniques are as under:
  • Words charts on display
  • Assigning remembering work to kids
  • Picturesque Patterns
  • Home articles awareness
  • Schematic word puzzles
The kids learn will in line with a plan. Teachers must plan the vocabulary techniques for the kids by observing their learning capabilities.

4. Integrate Reading with Writing

Reading is a pre-requisite for writing activities. Reading improves the writing of the children at a speedy rate. Reading aloud opens ways for good writing standards. Improvement in reading really improves kids’ writing abilities. Then emerges the question that what should be read. Answer to it lies in the interests of the children. Following a few articles of kids’ interests can build a strong will for writing among the kids:
  • Word rhymes
  • Toy traps
  • Number codlings
  • Words cross
  • Kids’ poems

5. Enhance Story Stance

Children like stories and fiction material. These things attract them towards the arts of reading and writing. Story booklets are a major source of amusement among small children. Stories create strange ideas in the tiny minds of the kids. This way they like writing new and strange words. Teachers and parents can play their vital role in bringing up a writing quest for the children. Children will like to write on their own curiosity. When kids have a liking for the art of writing then it is a teaching success. This success can surely be enhanced by story writing.

6. Use of Technology

It is an era of science and technology. Writing becomes enjoyable for children when it is done with the help of technology. Following works of technology assist writing among the kids:
  • Word Templates
  • Visual Display Screens
  • How to Write videos
  • Internet lessons
  • Fingers’ Trace Devices
  • Talking Dictionaries
  • Turn Tune Taps

7. Observing Model Writings

Seeing is believing. Writing can be improved by presenting writing visuals to the students. This makes them aware of various writing styles. Any style of writing can be mastered when it is directly observed by the kids. There are hundreds of writing styles. Words and Numbers have diverse designs on writing patterns. When a kid is exposed to a particular writing style, he/she try this latter on its own. Thus leaning improves the writing skills of the child through copying techniques. It is the best way of learning better handwriting.

8. Encourage on Self Communication

Self-communication here means writing personal views by the children. Creative writing comes only in this way. When you ask a child to write what he/she thinks, it accelerates the writing learning speed of a child. Talking to themselves is changed with writing to themselves.  Own views of the children can better be communicated with writing. The basic tool of making the art of writing better is ‘write, write, and write.’ Thus encourage the children to express themselves by their written communication.

9. Variety in Writing

It requires variations of many kinds for making it attractive. Variety involves three fields of writing:
  • Variety in themes
  •  The variety of nature
  • Variety in styles
A variety seems an essential soul of writing. Variety keeps on the interest of children in writing practices. Themes have variations of views, concepts, and ideas. Variety in nature means different subjects and fields of knowledge. Various styles of patterns also create variety in writing. Kids can me made bind with writing through variety in writing.

10. Regular Practice

Writing is pure art and every art follows practices and exercises. Writing is more an art rather than knowledge. Regular practice makes a child efficient in writing. Following are a few ways of keeping a child attach with writing:
  • Assign writing practice daily at home
  • Provide enough opportunity to write at school
  • Manage small but frequent exercises daily
  • Plan extensive writing plans on intervals
  • Arrange group competitions on writing
  • Award the best writings
  • Stress upon the importance of writing to the kids

Permanent reading is a stepping stone to better writing and helps the kids in making up their writing skills. It helps expand children’s vocabulary and shows them different ways of using words. This also makes it easier for them to use these words in their own writing. There are many strategies adopted for improving the kids’ writing. With little children, make sure that they are exposed to reading every day. Encouraging kids’ love of reading with age is a basic necessity for learning good writing. Reading builds vocabulary and vocabulary facilitates the art of writing for kids. It is an attempt to mention the efficient points for improvement of the writing skills of the kids. The skills of writing need interest-based learning among the kids.

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