10 Best Baby reading books

Best Baby Reading Books
Baby Reading Books
Baby reading books: Reading is a quality that enriches the child’s entire life in the future. Book reading contributes to healthy cognitive development. Those children who cannot read fluently with good comprehension usually have lower grades in school. Because of this, try to improve your baby reading from early childhood.
The baby is absorbing the reading activities such as experience and understands the sound of the words can look at the picture in the book and recognize the familiar voices.  Parents should select easy and interesting and best books to read to baby that boost language, communication, and social skills. Following is the list of best baby reading books.  

1. First 100 Words Lift the Flap by Roger Priddy

This book “First 100 Words Lift the Flap” by Roger Priddy is a million-copy bestseller. It is an ideal book for little children to learn new words. This book includes 100 eye-catching and attractive pictures of pets, foods, and toys. It helps to improve vocabulary and children see pictures and a label, in bold, of all those most common things in everyday life; cat, dog, etc. The little children fell in love with this board book right away. This book is always remaining the first choice of parents for the building of vocabulary of their children.

2. Peek-a-Boo Forest by Lamaze

The Peek-a-Boo Forest is an attractive book for children. This book discusses different animals that live the forest and it encourages the children to motivate about discovery.  It explores the different animal, shape, and name for the baby and encourages learning through attractive shapes, colors, and texture.  Children love to see animals in early childhood and this book is suitable for children of all ages.

3. Baby’s First Books by Sassy

Baby’s First Books by Sassy is a bundle of four books for a little baby. These books promote learning through charming pictures with beautiful colors and contrast patterns that help to improve visual perception and communication skills while reading.  These books also stimulate the senses of children and encourage child-parents interaction.

4. First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

The First 100 Words by Roger Priddy is one of the best books to give a baby a head start with words. It has many essential first words with pictures ant that words are so simple to read and learn. Give the baby a book that is known to accelerate learning words: The First 100 Words by Roger Priddy.

5. Disney Mickey Mouse My First Books by Bendon Publishing

The Disney Mickey Mouse My First Books by Bendon Publishing is a set of four board books that are easy to handle and carry. These four books include alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers that easy to read and help to the joy of reading.

6. First 100 Animals by Roger Priddy

The First 100 Animals help the babies to learn 100 hundred every common animal such as cats, dogs, and birds. It is a board book and parents must purchase this book for every baby’s library/ bookshelf.  This book has beautiful animals photograph.
 Moreover, the baby may quickly recognize dogs, cats, and birds. First 100 Animals board book contains very colorful pictures of animals with an accompanying bold label in order to help the baby with letters and words

7. First Sounds Book Set and Cube by Sassy

The First Sounds Book Set and Cube is a great book by Sassy. It is a very useful book for learning with fun words.  This book also stimulates the baby’s vision, exploration, and communication skills. The First Sounds Book Set and Cube have a colorful picture and simple pattern with natural forms. It is the best source for improving language and this set is painted, phthalate, and BPA free, and the pages are made of soft material covered with very thin plastic so they are bendable.

8. Number Colors Shapes by Roger Priddy

Number Colors Shapes is another best book by Roger Priddy.  This board book includes the colorful shapes and numbers that will capture a baby's attention and each having a large label in bold print. This is a small book and it is very easy for a baby to grasp and the pages inside are extra strong.

9. My First Pets Book for Baby by Playgro 

The My First Pets Book for Baby is another best book for baby learning. This book has beautiful colors and patterns for visual stimulation that help to improve audio development. It also improves fine motor skills while turning pages and grabbing. Each page emits a crinkly sound in order to encourage a baby to grasp and turn another page. This little book has all soft, cloth covers and pages in order that it is very gentle on a baby

10. Explore and Discover Soft Book Toy by Baby Einstein

The Explore and Discover Soft Book Toy by Baby Einstein is a one-of-a-kind baby book because it comes with a large clip in order that it can be attached to a baby's carriage, crib, bassinet, seat, car, stroller, etc.  The book is made of entirely baby-safe materials in case the baby puts it in its mouth. Overall, one cannot go wrong with this baby book!

In conclusion: books are a key source to improve language skills. The above are the 10 best baby reading books. Parents should buy interesting and suitable baby reading books for their children.

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