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5 Best Tips to Keep Your Child Safe online effectively

How to Keep your kids safe online
Keep Your Child Safe Online 
Keeping kids safe onlineInternet becomes the heart and soul of children in daily life. They cannot imagine a day without the using of internet. We all are living in the digital age and it equally influences the younger, children and elders.
Everyone has a smartphone in his/her hands  It becomes an effective tool of learning, socializing and entertainment in the modern world. The smartphone also plays an effective role as a teacher, library, and gaming equally. However, there are certain risks will involve when child access online. It is difficult for parents on how to protect their children online. There are several online threats for kids. The following tips help the parents to keep the kids safe on the internet during online access.

1. Limit Online Access

Set rules for children to access online.  Safety is a more important factor during using of internet. Set the time limit for using social media. Remember, there are many harmful sites which have negative effects on child development. Parents should take strict action when children try to access the restricted website. You can give them certain liberties with the increasing of age

 2. Appropriative Parental Control                        

Internet is an open-source of any type of information and contents. Everything available on the internet in this modern age, but many things is not appropriate for the innocent child. There are many contents/Videos are available which cannot suitable for the child‘s eyes. For this reason, parental control is necessary for the controlling network and search engine. They can work effectively to restrict the kids from viewing inappropriate content online.

3. Alert The Kids About Cybercrimes and Cyber Bullying

 Internet is always remaining an educating tool when it used correctly. Kids need to be made aware of what is correct and what are negative ways to use the internet. The rate of cyberbullying is increasing and the law of cybercrime becomes more and more strict.  The parents should teach their children about cyberbullying and cybercrime. 

4. The dangers points of Internet Should be Discussed

Discuss about the risks of the internet. Let the child use the internet with more liberty when he becomes older.  Inform your child about the risks of the internet.  This conversation needs a healthy environment and attitude for effective conversation.

5. Set Some Boundaries

The setting some boundaries for using social media have had positive effects and benefits. Some boundaries should be set up for very young kids. There should be also restrictions on communication with friends. Remember, When your child gets older you should give more freedom to use the internet.  The use of the internet during mealtime, homework time and sleeping time should be restricted.   
 Internet become part of our daily life and it has many learning and social benefits. There are hundreds of learning games/ videos to improve kids learning skills. But it is important to keep your child safe from the negative side effect of the internet in early childhood.  As responsible parents, you must stay away from your child to risks of using online.

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