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Top 10 Kids Games for Learning in Childhood

Best 10 kids Games for Learning
Kids Learning Games
Learning is a multi-dimensional process. It can be executed through different methods and techniques. Children learn through play at an early age. Kids Video games play an important role in gaining knowledge. Hundreds of video games are available online. The games assist the kids a lot in building up the concepts of science and math. This selection is made for learning objectives. Playing the games educate the children in a pleasing way. Thus children learn at ease and with due interest. Following lines give a concise list of the top ten kid games.

1. Dragon Box

The game helps in learning formulas of algebra. It also helps in knowing geometrical shapes.

How to play Dragon Box?

 Each level of the game allows the dragon to grow into a new form. The player has to organize cards of various objects. The level requires completion with minimum moves.
Download Link:
Developer: We Want T Know AS
Publisher: We Want To Know AS
First released on 9th May 2012

2. Code Spells

This game improves mind practices and plans. Kids learn from it to handle complex situations.

How to play Code Spells?

 Player uses magic spells in the form of bits of JavaScript.  The player completes the quests to earn maximum rewards.
Download Link:
Developer: Thought Stem, LLC
Publisher: Thought Stem, LLC
First released on 18th September 2015

3. Mind Snacks

This is a language learning game. Secondary language can easily be learned by kids with the help of the mother language.

How to Play Mind Snacks?

 The player has to match the balloons that fill up the screen. These balloons relate words of one game to another. The game has 25 words in each level and there are 50 levels in total.
Download Source:
Developer: Mind Snacks
Publisher: Mind Snacks
First released on 11th October 2017

4. Scribble Nauts

The game teaches puzzles’ handling among the kids. It is also a source of learning homonyms and word programming.

How to Play Scribble Nauts?

 It is a side controlling game controlled with D-Pad. The player controls the character ‘Maxwell’ to collect the objects called ‘Sprites’. Winning requires a maximum number of sprites. The game accessories are availed by writing on the touch screen.
Download Link:
Developer: 5th Cell
Publisher: Warner Bros.
First released on 15th September 2009

5. Game Star Mechanic

This game is the best source of systematic learning among students. It guides them on design making and model creation.

How to Play Game Star Mechanic?

 It is a systematic game. It is used to create other similar games. The player has to earn sprites for buying certain objects. A number of earned sprites decides winning capacity.
Download Link:
Developer: Game Lab
Publisher: E-Line Media
First released on 15th March 2014

6. SimCity

This game teaches civic sense to the kids. They learn the city formation and its governing rules. Engineering tasks become attractive to the game.

How to Play SimCity?

 In the game, the player acts as mayor. The player builds city structures on plain patches of land. Finest and really build-up of the city brings wins.
Download Link:
Developer: Maxis 
Publisher: Electronic Arts
First released on 16th December 2014

7. Math Ninja

It is a splendid game for learning math concepts. Complex mathematical operations become easy with the use of the game.  

How to Play Ninja?

 The player plays the game by adding various objects bearing numerals. Correct answers are rewarded in the game. Winning results from a large number of right moves.
Developer: Danes Anderson
Publisher: Common Sense Media
First released on 21st August 2017

8. Mind Blown Life

This game teaches social life standards and living skills. Crazy facts blow up their minds and they learn creative practices.

How to Play Mind Blown Life?

 Players have to create an avatar, choose a career and live with their own mindset. They play reflex basis mini-games to earn money, skill and reputation.
Developer: Mind Blown Labs
Publisher: Mind Blown Labs
First released on 2nd October 2012

9. Animal Jam

The game provides biological knowledge to the kids. It also contains messages about environmental problems.

How to Play Animal Jam?

 The players create animals with the names composed from the simple cards. Then dens are made for each animal and furniture is laid there. 
Download Link:
Developer: Wild Works
Publisher: Wild Works
First released on 9th September 2010

10. Jump Start

Playing this game, kids learn success and struggles. They learn the basics of knowledge to explore it.

How to Play Jump Start?

Players create an avatar called ‘Jumper’. Then each player customaries all the body features and user name from ‘Name Random’. For this, the player uses words to produce a safe and proper name.
Download Link:
Developer: Fanfare Software
Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
First released on 5th September 2014

Above listed top ten online educational games have been chosen with certain objectives. These objectives focus upon the material of the game, playing techniques and learning driven nature of the games. The games are worthy to play online or can be downloaded for offline plays.  To get enough benefits from the games, they must be played in light of the course contents. The learning through video games is a routine nowadays in advance societies. Modern techniques of learning intensify the use of video games. The effects of the kid games in the online learning process are positive and result oriented. The children love to play online games. It is the need of the hour to tackle the videos into the curriculum for the children. 
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