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How to Improve Quality of Education in the Kids Classroom?

How to Improve Quality of Education In Classroom?
Kids Quality Education
Quality of education is an important matter in kid’s classrooms. The defining quality is a crucial subject and difficult to measure it.  The early education prepares the kids for the challenges of primary education.  The quality of primary education is linked to quality in child education. Those who want the best performance in elementary and higher education, they should focus on early and primary education first.  The following four features are most important to improve quality education in kids classroom.

1.  Teacher Qualification, Class Size, and Length of the School Day

The first feature relates to teacher qualification, class size, and length of school days.  These three features (teacher qualification, class size, length of school days) link with each other.

·  Teacher Qualification

The qualification and training of teacher help to increase the class performance. The several studies indicate that preschool teacher must have at least a bachelor degree in early childhood education or in a related field. The teacher should have training and experience in early childhood teaching.  

·    Class size

The teacher-student ratio is most important in early education.  The class size means the number of students in one place at the same time.  The class size must be under 20 students. More than 20 students are associated with poor academic performance.

·   Length of  the school days

The children mostly spend approximately 4 to 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. They achieve greater learning outcome than children enrolled for a shorter time.

2. Classroom environment, educational equipment, and common features

 Classroom Structural elements play a key role in children skill development. Class features help to improve cognitive and not-cognitive development at an early age. Classroom features include:
·  Classroom Cleanness
· Learning materials: Classroom material helps to explore knowledge such as worksheets and animations.

·  Play materials, play material improve reading and writing skills. Play material includes educational toys and learning games. The school have a playground and play equipment.
·  Setting arrangement in the classroom.
·  Classroom Decoration.
·  Appropriate schedule.

3. Teacher-Students Interaction

Teacher-student interactions support the child in building positive behaviors and improve cognitive and language skills.  This interaction must remain consistent from preschool to third grade
· The classroom is just a social sitting place. The administration must arrange the classroom setting in which the child and teacher interact with each other easily.
·  The daily teacher interaction with children increases the quality outcome in early education. On the other side, children interact with teachers helps to achieve learning goals.

4. Connect Learning to Real Life

Develop the activities which help the children to connect to real life.   Child buys the toys and shirts and pays the bill himself. Child Try to count the chairs in the classroom.
Give children the chance to participate in school activities. School should develop the program which facilitates the child to participate in school activates.

5. Improvement System and Quality Rating

The quality was measured by result and skill developments. The quality encompasses language, social and academic skills. School should have authentic assessment program to assess the child academic and social achievements. The assessment helps to know the weakness and strength of the child. The teacher should follow the result and work to improve child weaknesses.

The above five tips and features play a primary role to increase classroom performance. The school must have all the facilities which are necessary for classroom activities. The school should decorate and design a kid’s classroom in an appropriate way. These also help to increase the achievement goal.

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