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6 Top Free Math and Science Learning Games for Children

Math and Science Learning Games for child
Kids Learning Games
Learning to love math and science for children is important for so many reasons. The foremost reason. Spark imagination, problem-solving, logical thinking, and so much more with strong math and science education. These activities of the brain are hard to act or learn. Hence it is worthy to implement math and science games to the early childhood for their brain blooming. Through games, the children learn tough mathematical and scientific concepts in a funny and fantastic way. This converging evidence comes on the vision that children can and should learn about mathematics and science by playing creative games. This is reflected in updated early learning standards.

Games selection for the children is a difficult task for the teachers and parents. They should keep some points in their minds while choosing the games for their children. The requisite in this concern is of three things only. First is subject or topic objectivity, second is the level of difficulty and third is the conceptual worth of the game. Three math and three science games have been selected for the children on the bases of concept utilization and content significance. It is hoped that these games will assist the students a lot in learning the most basic ideas of math and science.
Created by: Fun Brain
Description: This game has an easy approach to play. Line up the shape characters with the shapes falling from the sky. Make five matches of the shapes to win the game. For having a sharp control of the game, click the two concerning characters to exchange their positions. This is the best game in learning basic geometry. The shapes and orientations of the matching figures help the child in grasping the concepts of size and coordinates. 

Created by: Fun Brain
Description: To play this game just catch the floating sums and then put them onto the matching equation. Watch out for dragonflies to trap the numbers. This game requires five sums to win. The control of the game can be had by moving the mouse to move the bee and collect the numbers. After collecting a number, try to drop the number on to the right position for counting the scores. This is a fantastic game for children to know the calculations of equations through numbers. The number of patterns and the calculation criteria are well versed by the children with the help of this game.
Created by: Fun Brain
Description: This is easy to play the game for mathematical proficiency. First, identify the place value of a given digit and then keep control to click and select the right place for insertion. It is an easy but important game for teaching math to the children through fun and play. Position or place value of a digit is the most initial step for a child to know math. Through this game, this basic concept is well visualized by a child to build the math skills.

4.  Food Chains

Created by: Science Kids
Description: Learn about various living things such as animals and plants, sort them into different categories and discover where they fit into the food chain with this fun science activity for kids. Look out for animals such as the fox, owl, squirrel, snail, bird & caterpillar as well as trees and other living things. Whether it’s an ocean, forest or desert, different habitats feature different plants and animals. Explore the woodland habitat and sort the different animals and plants into food chains while comparing which ones fly, which have legs and which have shells. Kids will enjoy the challenge of this interactive food chain game.
Created by: Science Kids
Description: Learn about forces in action as you experiment how gradients, weights, motion, and resistance affect the movement of various objects with this fun science activity. Try and get the truck down the ramp and to the end of the track by adding a range of weights. Record the results in a table as you watch how the different conditions affect the outcome of the experiments. What happens when you make a steep gradient or add a parachute to the back of the truck? Find out while enjoying this fun, interactive game for kids.
Created by: Science Kids
Description: Learn about changing sounds and music as you experiment with different musical instruments in this fun, interactive activity. Plucking strings of different lengths result in a variety of sounds some can be high pitched while others can be very low pitched. Play instruments such as drums, the guitar, and even a bottle. Experiment with different settings and sort your results into a pitch and loudness grid. Listen to the noise as you blow on a bottle and then see what happens when you try again after filling it with water. Bang on the drum and listen to the change in pitch as you tighten the drum skin. Kids will enjoy the challenges of this cool science game.

For the playing of all these games, Adobe Flash Player is required. The teachers or parents are advised to supervise their children during play of these games. They are also supposed to answer the certain basic question asked by the children in the light of these games to visualize the concepts.
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