How to Develop the School-Family Partnership? The Role of School - Child Education

How to Develop the School-Family Partnership? The Role of School


School-family partnership has become a very important theme in the realms of child education. Any school programs cannot achieve success without active family participation in the child learning process. So it is well recognized and well established that family-school partnership is strongly attached to the children academic achievements and it also helps to increase the success ratios of all the school programs. A school will attain a high level of success by involving the parents into academic as well as co-curricular activities of the children.

What is the Family-School partnership?

The family-school partnership is defined as “a child focus approach wherein families and professionals cooperate, coordinate, and collaborate to enhance opportunities and success for children and adolescents across social, emotional, behavioral, and academic domains”( Albright & Weissberg, 2010). This definition portrays almost all aspects of a child’s life. Family-school partnership overwhelms all the social and learning concerns of a child.

Importance of School -Family Partnership

School administration must provide opportunities for effective parental involvement in the child learning process. Schools and family work together for the achievement of the child’s goals. Research demonstrates that this relationship strongly relates to the improvement of child learning progress. The school – family relationship helps to understand the student’s talent and abilities. It helps to understand the learning mechanism at school and at home. Parents will know the children’s strengths and weaknesses in classrooms and parents and school both easily understand which field fit for the children. Some benefits of this school- family partnership are mentioned below:
  •          Enhance the academic performance
  •         Improve the overall Level of Achievement.
  •          Build positive attitudes and behavior
  •          Achieve the high grade in school tests and exams
  •          Good attendance score
  •          More chances for the success of the school program 

12 Tips to Develop the Strong School-Family Partnership 

School initiates cooperation programs for the family involvements. The school must create a responsible environment to build a strong relationship with families.  It is important to understand that developing family-school partnerships requires dedication and hard work.  There are some suggestions which can help to develop a strong school-family partnership.
·      Schools allocate special funds for the arrangement of professional activities which strongly support family involvement
·      Schools create special opportunities for parent- teachers meeting. Guide the parents how they develop the environment  at home that supports learning
·      Schools should inform the families about the school policies and Programs and getter the children’s background and know the child abilities
·      Schools must make strategies to meet the difficulties of different families. School staff must respect different cultures and values. They communicate with those families who do not speak English
·      Schools must launch awareness among the parents about the importance of their involvement. They should provide opportunities in which parents contribute their role in the child learning process
·      Schools must arrange special events/meetings for families and discuss the children’s needs, strengths, and goals
·      Schools must inform the families about the child success rate in the school
·      School authorities should meet every parent at least once a year and follow-up as per requirements and needs
·      Schools should provide useful notices, messages and learning plans regularly 
·      Schools should remain open in evenings or weekends to contact with families
·      Arrange the meeting with parents when children are dropped off or picked off from the school
·      Schools must inform the parents about course, syllabus, schedules, and planning. It is the school’s responsibility to be given the schools’ year planner at the beginning of each term indicating dates when special events are held

·      Schools must respect and understand the family views about children's progress and programs
·      Schools should utilize the information technology provisions to invite the parents

Summing up the whole discussion, it is concluded that schools must invite the parents and discuss with them about the educational and learning process of their child.  The parents should also take an active role in improving the child’s education and have time to visit the school. It is the school as well as teachers’ responsibility to engage parents in the school activities. School- family partnership may lead to an exchange of important information between school and families that will help to address the child difficulties and needs. The outcome of this partnership will enhance the education standards and the dream of quality education can be realized.

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