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How to Develop the Decision-Making Skills in the Early Childhood: 6 Activities

 Decision-making skill is one of the most important skills which need to develop in school and at home. Decission-making skills help children to become more responsible and independent in society. It enhances the ability of social adjustment, well-being and education performance. 
  Provide opportunities for children to develop decision-making skills in early childhood.   Create situations in which a child can easily choose appropriate options without help.  

What is Decision Making Skills?

Decision making is a skill which relates to selections from available options.  This ability helps the child to choose the perfect option among many available options. Alexandros Mettas writes that decision making skill “refers to the choice of the most appropriate solution among possible alternate”( Alexandros Mettas, 2011).

6 Tips to Develop the Decision Making Skills in the Children

 The development of decision-making skills is an essential part of child development and education. There are some effective suggestions which may help the parents/teachers to develop decision-making skills in children.

  • Keep the Choices Simple

Keep the choices simple for children to select the most appropriate choice. Let the child choose the most suitable choice/option for himself. The parents help the child to identify the qualities of choices. This activity helps to develop the decision-making skills of in the children.

  • Let the Child to Select /Buy his Toys, Clothes, and Shoe

Provide opportunities for the children to select the toys and clothes for him. Let the child select the colour of his shirt. Parents must visit the shopping mall or supermarket with their children and ask the child which toy do you like. Respect the child’s choices and encourage the child for their appropriate decisions.

  • Select the Cake for the Birthday Party

Parents want to celebrate their child birthday.  Let the child select the cake for his birthday party. Parents should ask the child which cake you want to boy for your birthday party. Parents can explore the qualities and size of the different cake and let the child take the decision independently.

  • Let the child select the Book for Reading

 Take a time to visit bookstore or library. Allow the child to choose his favorite book for reading.  This activity improves the ability to take the decision himself.

  • Appreciate the New Ideas  

Encourage the child to think about new ideas. Encourage the child when he starts to discuss new ideas. This type of appreciation helps to develop decision- making skills  in children.

  •  Let the Child to Chose the Dinner and Lunch Menu

Respect the child's selection in eating Manu. Let the child select the appropriate Manu at home. This activity helps the child to improve the decision-making skills in early childhood.

 Decision making is an important ability of human life. Provide the opportunities for children to improve the decision-making skills in the early childhood. This ability plays an important role in the success of professional and non- professional life. Parents and schools must pay attention to develop the decision- making skill in the children.

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