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Top 10 Qualities of Best Teacher to Achieve Best Academic Performance in Early Childhood Education

Top 10 Qualities of Early Childhood Teacher
Qualities of the Best Teacher
High qualified and well-experienced teachers are the key factors in providing the best quality education in early childhood education. Quality academic performance relates to teacher training, experience, and qualification. Governments and schools must locate sufficient funds for the training of the teachers. The teacher plays multiple roles such as observer, listener, planner, communicator, collaborator, interpreter, provoker, researcher, instructor, facilitator, and learning partner. The question is what are the best qualities of the teachers which enhance the teaching performance? The 10 top qualities of the best teacher are mentioned below:

1. Quality to Organize Quality Content and Material

The best teacher organizes the quality contents of the lesson. He prepares the contents according to the needs and level of students. The teacher must have a strong understanding of that material which being taught in the classroom.  The contents help students to understand the ideas.

3. Quality to Present the  Content Effectively

The professional teacher executes and explores the ideas very effectively. He illustrates the major objectives and thoughts to the students. The teachers must identify that how he gets meaningful information and outcomes? He provides the session for questions, review the previous lesson and give the time for practice.

 4. quality to Understand  Learning Process

The primary ability of a good teacher is to understand the child ability to understand. It is important to understand that child thinking level and behavior will change with age. The teacher should help the children according to the child level and intellectual demand.

5. Show the responsive attitudes

The good teacher assists the child in classwork and makes easier to complete the task. The teaching process needs humbleness to facilitate the child in the learning process. He proposes the idea and tries to provide the opportunity for the child to complete the excessive independently. The teacher must recognize and appreciate the student’s efforts and work.

6. Leadership skills

Good vocabulary and speaking skill help the teacher to explore the mathematical concepts and scientific inquiry. This ability keeps involves the children in learning activities in the classroom.

7.Quality to Create a Multi-disciplinary Learning Environment

The learning environment is most important for a quality outcome. Create a learning environment for conceptual understanding.  The effective teacher should know how to create a positive classroom climate and provide appropriate materials in well-organized environments.

8. Well Educated and well experienced

Teacher qualification and Experience are the most important factors to provide quality education stander.  Several studies indicate that a higher level of teacher’s education is associated with higher educational outcome. It is reported that “preschool teachers with bachelor’s degrees were the most effective practitioners. Their effectiveness was measured within the classroom and based on stimulation, responsiveness and engagement of the children in learning activities (Howes et al., 2003)”.

9.Quality to Focus on the Strengths and Capabilities of Children

Child learning is an ongoing process. Every child has own strength and capability to understand the concepts.  The most important quality of the best teacher is to understand the capability of every student and explain the idea according to the student strength. 

10. Quality to Point out the Learning Goals

The teacher and child work together to achieve a common goal. The teacher must understand the purpose of the lesson and shapes the blank mind of the child and shows them ways of success.

Education, skills, and experience are the three most important component of teaching. The teacher must understand the concept which being taught in the classroom. The best quality of a good teacher is to keep the material in perfect order and give clear instructions.


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