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What are the Benefits of Effective Parental Involvement in Early Child Education?

It is well documented that effective parental involvement contributes to increasing child learning achievements. Parents taking a great role in maintaining and monitoring child education stander in the recent days. Parents involvement has positive effects on a student's achievements. The school should involve the parents in child learning activities to achieve a high stander of education. 

What is Parental Involvement?

Parents involvement is defined as “the participation of significant caregivers (including parents, grandparents, stepparents, foster parents, etc.) in activities promoting the educational process of their children in order to promote their academic and social well-being (Fishel & Ramirez, 2005)”.

Effective parent involvement is one of the most powerful indicators of high children's achievements.  Parents should share information with teachers to solve the child’s learning and social problems at an early stage of the child. 

Important Benefits of effective parenting

Effective parental involvement improves the levels of education.  When families become involved in their children’s education, they have a better understanding of what is being taught in school.  They gain more information about child performance and abilities. Some important benefits of effective parents involvement are below:

  • Increase achievement in an academic career. Parents can increase child learning performance through effective coaching and parenting.
  • Improve the stronger self - regulatory skills and social-emotional abilities.  Effective parenting develops skills for better social adjustment and competence.  
  • Decrease the discipline problems. It is the parental responsibility to solve the discipline problems in early childhood.  
  • Develop learning habits. Effective parental involvement improves positive attitudes in early childhood. The child starts to feel enjoy in school work.
  • Improve homework habits. Parents are the most effective factors to improve homework habits in children.  
  • Improve higher educational aspirations.
  • Decreased substance abuse.
  • Reduce antisocial behaviors and Conduct disorders.
  • Greater chance to higher academic achievement.
  • Improve cognitive competence.
  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  •  Maintain better school attendance.

Parental involvement has great positive effects on early childhood education.  Child educational and literacy outcome mostly relate to parental involvement. It is important to understand that the benefits of effective parental involvement not only relate to the literacy and academic outcome but also strongly associate with the physical, social and mental development.

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