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What are the Top 10 Parental Responsibilities in the Early Child Education

Parents are the first teachers of their children.  They play a key role to improve the child academic performance and physical health. How parents are responsible for their children's education and health? There are some important responsibilities of the parents which help them to boost academic performance. Top 10 parental responsibilities  are mentioned below:

  • Provide the  Health Facilities and Safety   

Parents should emphasis on the child’s health, nutrition, and safety. The child must arrive at school well clothed along with safety and well fed. Parents must provide healthy foods at home which help to boost the mental and physical health. Take the possible safety measures for your child at home and school. 

  •  Build Learning Habits

Parents try to develop learning habits and creative thinking in early childhood.  Create Balance between time spent on homework and other activities. It is important to understand that learning habits and positive behavior play a key role in child success. 

  • Provide the Best Kind of Supervision

 Parents should supervise the academic and social activities of their children. The appropriate supervision help to improve the grades. They should be well informed about the school's programmes, courses, and activities of the child. They try to involve and show interest in child activities at school and home. 

  • Provide the Guidance  at each Stage of Education

 Families support and encourage the children at home and school. Select the best school for your children and make appropriate strategies to complete the homework. Provide the support when your child need help to do learning activities. 

  • Create Learning Environment at Home

Try to Create a learning environment at home.  The domestic environment has a great positive impact on child academic performance and physical growth. Parents should create home-based educational and learning activities. 

  • Provoke the Hidden Talent of Child

 Families should try to provoke the hidden talent of the child. It is the parental responsibility to know the talent and interest of the child. Set the activities according to the child ability, talent, and interest. It may greatly help the child to get success in life. 

  • Build the Positive Behavior

Positive behavior plays a important role in academic achievements and social life.  Parent and teachers must try to develop positive behavior, great personal qualities, values, habits, and beliefs.

  • Parents must Come to school and Support the Child

The family-school partnership is the most important factor for child educational outcome.  the parents should visit the school to know the child’s academic progress. The school-family interaction help to improve the performance of child at home and school. This communication also helps the parent to aware the child's performance at school.   

  • Understand the School Programs and Policies

 Understanding the school policies and programs help the parent to carry – over the school activities at home. They easily know what is going on at school.   Parents can provide the home-based learning activities to children and help them in the completion of classroom assignments.

  • Monitoring the Child's Progress

  Parents must be informed about child progress at school and assist him in learning progress for the achievements of high grads.

  • Respond to the Child’s Problems Politely 

  Parents must show supportive behavior in every situation. The positive response encourages the child to do learning activities independently.  Parents try to develop the problem-solving skills in the early childhood.  

It is well documented that parents are the first responsible for their children's future. The can change the whole life of their children.  It is well recognized that parental involvement plays a key role in the succes of every child.
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